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The Atlanta airport is the largest in the state of Georgia. It serves over 100 million passengers annually and has more than 60,000 employees, making it the largest employer in the state of Georgia. Finding affordable parking at Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport is usually a nightmare for travelers.

Make Your Atlanta Airport Parking Reservation Today

The airport is within a 2-hour flight to most of the major cities in the United States. The primary users of the airport are businesspeople who take a trip within a day or two frequently. It is suitable to find a private parking lot that is cheaper and secure for your car. A private Park and Fly space like Airport Parking Inc. gives you the convenience of paying lower fees for a decent parking space during your travels.

Shuttle Service

Airport Parking Inc. offers Atlanta airport park and rides facilities for travelers departing from Atlanta. The facilities include a free shuttle to and from the parking lot to your departure terminal. The shuttle runs every 20-30 minutes to and from the airport at all hours of the day. There is ample space in the shuttle for carrying luggage.

Making A Reservation

Reserve Your Park and Fly at Atlanta Airport Parking

You can reserve a parking space from the comfort of your office or home before traveling. You just need to log on to our website and click "reservations" on the menu. New customers will be required to fill in a registration form. The system automatically pulls the filed information of our frequent users for confirmation when they log into their account. Choose the airport, date and time of departure plus the date and time of arrival. Our system will give you a quote for the period of stay. You can choose to pay the entire sum or the booking fee only using a credit card. When you a, click on "Book Reservation" and wait for 1-2 minutes for your transaction to be processed. A receipt will appear on the screen, and you can print it. The system sends a copy of the receipt to your email address in the database.

You can book a reservation on behalf of someone else by filing your name as the person making the reservation and the other person in the traveling details. Ensure you send the receipt to the passenger to present at the parking entrance.

Things to note

Atlanta Airport Park and Fly Things to Note

Any balance on the reservation of the parking slot should be paid at the entrance of the parking lot. A cashier will give you a receipt for the amount paid and direct you to your parking space.

You have better chances of getting your desired parking space when you make a reservation early. You can see the available areas on our system as you make a reservation.

You can save up to 70% of airport parking fees when you choose Airport Parking Inc. as your Atlanta airport parking service.

Your vehicle is under 24-hour surveillance, and the parking is gated and locked at night. Still, don't leave any valuable items exposed to the seats of your car. Take time to store valuables in the glove box or trunk of your vehicle.

The parking fees start to accumulate when you arrive at the parking lot to the time you return to pick your car. The plane’s itinerary isn’t the timeline used to calculate parking charges.

Plane delays of up to 24hrs past your original arrival at the parking lot will not attract extra charges. We understand that you can’t control the weather or technical difficulties during your travels. Ensure you notify us through email or by phone in case you are facing plane delays.

Oversize cars that require more than a single parking space may be subject to additional charges. The charges depend on the size and make of the vehicle.

You can call to reschedule the time to pick your car if your travel duration extends. We will help you make the change so that you can keep on traveling without any worry about the welfare of your vehicle.

You can always call us for assistance with making reservations, print your receipt and itinerary or to ask for clarification. Our friendly team will assist you any way they can to help you get the right spot for your vehicle.  

Kindly arrive early at our Atlanta airport Park and Fly parking lot to facilitate check-in. You can’t park before you pay your balance and get a receipt for the balance.

Also be sure to note the space you have parked your car for when you come to retrieve it. You can keep your receipt safely because it contains all the details from the reservations form. Our attendants can provide directions if you get lost.

Security and safety

There are security guards, attendees, and cameras and gates to keep the vehicles in the parking safe at all times. The parking has enough light for passengers traveling at night. We understand that dark parking lots can be scary and uncomfortable at night. The lights illuminate the whole parking area making it safe for all users. For more information on our safety precautions, feel free to call us and we can discuss them with you to give you peace of mind.

Why choose Airport Parking Inc. Atlanta

Travelers can enjoy 40-70% savings in the parking lot fees in comparison to the airport parking fees. The costs change depending on the time of the year, but we guarantee that you will get discounted prices throughout the year. You can allocate the saving to other traveling expenses like accommodation and food. Our discounted rates don't mean we offer poor parking services.

The Atlanta airport parking is clean, well lit, has clear slot demarcations, the attendees are friendly, and our system is efficient. You are getting high quality services for a fraction of the regular prices. Airport Parking Inc. is the best parking partner for businesspeople who take frequent trips across the world from Atlanta. Forget about the days you would take a journey stressed about the high airport parking fees. Enjoy hassle-free parking with the best Atlanta airport Park and Fly parking lot. Book your reservation today and enjoy our services first-hand today.