Boston Logan Airport Parking: Reserve A Spot with Airport Parking Inc.

There is an endless inventory of important details to take care of before you leave for a scheduled trip. In between packing your bags, finalizing hotel accommodations, and finding someone to take care of household pets and plants, don't forget to put finding a secure parking space on your to-do list. In the Boston area, that can often mean paying big fees, parking your vehicle in questionable spaces, or negotiating long distances between your car and the airport.

Airport Parking Inc. is your trusted travel partner for long and short term airport parking needs. We offer competitively priced, secure, and fully guaranteed Boston Logan airport parking reservations that's within minutes of the tarmac. Our online reservation process makes it easy to find the space you need at prices that are 40% to 70% less than anything else you can find in the area.

Boston Logan Airport Parking: Clean, Secure, and Accessible

boston logan airport parking is more accessible with us

The Airport Parking Inc. Boston Logan airport parking lot is located just 4.4 miles from the airport. Unlike other discount parking options, that puts you just five minutes away from your destination. There's no need to stress out about missing your flight while negotiating the busy streets of Boston. With parking that is close, you are sure to arrive on time. For clients with physical limitations, our Boston Logan Airport Parking is fully accessible to wheelchairs and motorized mobility vehicles.

Once you arrive at our Boston parking facilities, our friendly valet agents will take care of all the details. Your vehicle will be handled with care as it is professionally parked in our secure, uncovered lot. On-site security personnel are always there to ensure your vehicle stays undisturbed. Extensive security lighting helps our valet and security staff keep the grounds clean and safe from unauthorized access.

Airport Parking Inc. takes the security of your personal property seriously. As one of the largest independent providers of airport parking services, our reputation relies on your satisfaction. We work hard to ensure your parking space is free of debris and out of reach for those with malicious intent.

Value-Added Services That Make Your Trip More Pleasant

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Even though the airport is only a few minutes away from our lot, we make it easy to make your gate time with our free shuttle service. The complimentary shuttle leaves our parking facility every 30 minutes. You and your luggage are quickly and safely delivered to the airport entrance while you enjoy the sights, go over last-minute details, or simply daydream about your upcoming adventure. Just like our lot, our shuttle service is handicap accessible so everyone can ride comfortably to their destination.

One of the biggest perks of working with Airport Parking Inc. to find your Boston Logan airport parking is the online reservation process. This fast and simple form lets you customize your arrangements to perfectly fit your itinerary. Follow these steps to secure your space from any internet-connected device.

  • Log on to the Airport Parking Inc website. Use the pulldown menu to pick the airport from which you are scheduled to depart. Then select the times and dates you plan to drop off and pick up your vehicle.
  • Hit the search button to see a list of available accommodations that fit your specifications. Each option will give you a breakdown of your potential charges, including service fees and taxes.
  • When you find what you need, select the reserve icon. This will take you to the page where your personal details are needed. Enter the requested information, along with payment, then hit the icon to book the reservation.
  • Once the system logs your reservation, a receipt will display on your screen. This receipt includes all the information you need to claim your Boston Logan airport parking space. Don't worry if you can't print your receipt right away. We will send a copy to the provided email address for later reference.

In addition to free shuttle service and easy online reservations, Airport Parking Inc. provides live customer support when you need it most. If you're running late, your flight gets rescheduled, or anything else happens that might jeopardize your reservation, just give us a call. We will work with you to resolve your problem quickly and to your satisfaction. If you own a business or work for a company that requires frequent travel, talk to our representatives about the Corporate Program. This special program lets business travelers take advantage of even lower rates at parking lots around the country.

Finally, all Airport Parking Inc. clients enjoy a full guarantee of paid parking fees. If you need to cancel, you will receive a full refund of your purchase price. Please note that service fees are nonrefundable.

Your Airport Parking Inc. Receipt: The Key that Unlocks Your Service

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Your Airport Parking Inc. receipt is an important document. You must show your receipt to the lot attendant to claim your discounted Boston Logan airport parking. Besides claiming your space, however, the receipt contains vital information that makes your trip easier as well.

  • The name, address, and phone number of your chosen parking lot are printed on your receipt. This makes it simple to find contact information when it's needed most.
  • Directions to your chosen parking lot are also included on the receipt. You can also find detailed driving directions to all our partner parking lots on our website.
  • Your receipt displays the times you designated for dropping off and picking up your vehicles. If you can’t make your scheduled times, just call our customer service line for more options.

If you're having a hard time printing your receipt, our customer service representatives can help you find other ways to receive your document. We can send additional digital copies to your preferred email address or send a fax. If neither of those is an option, we offer receipt delivery via US Postal Service. Please call at least five business days before your scheduled departure to ensure you get your receipt on time.

Start Your Flight Off Right with Low-Cost Boston Logan Airport Parking from Airport Parking Inc

Airport Parking Inc. takes the stress out of air travel by providing affordable, reliable, and secure options for Boston Logan airport parking. Make your travel arrangements more pleasant by logging on to our website before you fly.