Burbank Airport Parking

Burbank Airport Parking Made Easy

Navigating any busy airport grounds can be crazy and confusing; however, Burbank airport parking doesn’t have to be a scary experience. Just entering airport property, a driver is scrambling to follow the signs for their airline terminal and the correct parking lot. To make it more complicated, there are lots for each rental car company, short term lots, long term lots, and now even cell phone lots. Imagine finally making your way to the appropriate long term parking lot, only to find a “closed” sign. Now what? Find the cell phone lot and sit and make calls to find an alternate parking solution for the duration of your trip? Why put yourself through this chaos? There is a much simpler way to secure a reservation for your vehicle for the duration of your travel.

Alternate Burbank Airport Parking

Seasoned travelers are already well aware of the advantages of using a park and fly facility in lieu of the traditional on-site parking many still opt for. Burbank Airport parking will charge you a premium price, while a privately owned lot through Airport Parking Inc. will ring in a savings of 40 to 70 percent. However, the financial benefit is only a small part of why you should choose an Airport Parking Inc. facility.

The bigger advantages are in being able to reserve your parking spot in advance and save yourself time on your big travel day. Passengers can make their car a reservation as soon as they know their travel itinerary by logging on to www.airportparkinginc.com. Our secure site is easy to navigate, and it will literally take you only a few short minutes to complete the reservation process and pay in advance for your parking space. Returning customers are able to simply use their log in and make their reservation even faster. An email confirming your reservation and payment is sent to you, along with directions to the parking facility.

All of our lots are well-lit and secured, guaranteeing your car will be right where you left it upon your return.

On your day of departure, you are directed to your parking spot by one of our parking attendants. After checking in, one of our shuttle drivers will assist you and your luggage on to the waiting shuttle. You are then dropped off right at the curb of your airline terminal. The driver will provide you with instructions on where to find the Airport Parking Inc. shuttle upon your return.

Just one travel experience using an airport fast park facility will change the way you travel. Let us make your next Burbank airport parking adventure a positive one!