Find Remarkably Cheap JFK Airport Parking Rates

Are you planning to fly out of JFK? If so, where can you find a safe, secure lot, and cheap JFK airport parking rates while you are away? We have multiple solutions for you.

We travel for various reasons. The assurance that your vehicle is safe when we are away can help you put your mind at rest, so you can enjoy your vacation or focus on your business trip. You should be able to relax and forget about your car while you are away. In addition, parking near the JFK airport is expensive. There are safe,, secure, affordable options available to you.  We work with hotels, parking structures, and other vendors to provide you options at very competitive rates. Short-term or long-term, we will find you the lot that fits your need at a great rate.

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Why Choose Us?

  • You can save anywhere from 40-70% with our cheap JFK airport parking rates.
  • We are located 2 miles away from JFK; you cannot get much closer.
  • We offer 24-hour shuttle services to and from the airport.
  • Our lots are very safe and secure.
  • We offer long-term parking at competitive rates.
  • Our booking services are convenient. Reserve a secure spot from the comfort of your home, on your time schedule
  • We are among the nation's most trusted and largest providers of long-term parking.

The reason why we can offer such affordable JFK airport parking rates is because of volume. As one of the largest providers of parking services, our overhead per reservation is extraordinarily low. We can negotiate for the best prices with hotels and other off-site lots that smaller vandors just can’t get. We pass the savings on to you.

Our JFK-Area Lots

Our JKF parking options offer excellent options. Situated only two miles (three minutes) from the airport, we are the closest off-site facility.

We understand that our clients enjoy smooth and effective services. Our tested systems are specifically designed to provide fast-paced services. Therefore, parking is as easy as dropping off your car and getting on your way. Say goodbye to schlepping across the airport lots, or the long lines and queues our competitors have. Choose Airport Parking Inc.

Our off-site JKF parking facilities do not have size restrictions. There are no height limits to vehicles. No matter the size of your motor vehicle we can accommodate you. Present your reservation ticket at the valet podium, and the professionals will take care of the rest.

As an off-site facility, we understand that time is valuable to you. All our clients get to enjoy our fast, complimentary shuttle services. Operating round the clock, our buses will drop you at your airport terminal. At a call's notice, we will pick you up at the Federal Circle on your return trip and bring you back to your car.

How to Reserve Your Parking Spot

how to book cheap jfk airport parking rates

Simply Click Here for JFK Airport Parking

The link will state your total costs; there are no hidden fees. Simply enter your days and times of travel for the full cost. You reserve your spot by paying the fees online. Once the transaction is complete, we will send you your receipt via email.

Your receipt will contain the name of the airport (JFK, New York). The receipt will also include your desired parking lot name, address, directions, and phone. Your name will also appear along with the name of the person parking the vehicle. The receipt will also contain your arrival and shuttle information.

For a smoother delivery of services, we recommend that you print out your receipt. Upon arrival, display the receipt to the Crowne Plaza staff. You should also show some form of identification to confirm your receipt.

When and How Do You Pay For Your Cheap JFK Airport Parking Rates?

how to pay cheap jfk airport parking rates

All our affiliates (Crowne Plaza Included) accept cash and major credit cards. For cheap JFK parking rates, I recommend that you pay the amount due in full at the time of your booking.

You can also make a parking reservation for another person. To reserve for another, enter the other driver's name under the "Person Parking" field.

JFK Shuttle Services

We offer shuttle services to and from the airport, round the clock. For more information, view the terms stated for the lot of your choosing.

To be on the safe side, allow 10-15 minutes within your schedule for check-in and transportation to your terminal. Upon arrival, you can place a call for pick-up from your cell phone, or the many courtesy phones in the baggage area. You can find your shuttle service phone number on your claim check.

Airport security does not allow buses into the airport proper. For pick-ups, we recommend that you take the air tram to the Federal Circle. One of our coaches will pick you up from there.

In Case of Flight Delays

Can I still get cheap jfk airport parking rates if I am running late?

We charge you from the time that you arrive at the lot to the time you leave the lot. If your flight is delayed, you can delay your arrival to the parking lot. There is no penalty for late check-in, Obviously, the same hold true for delays on your return flight.

Group and Frequent Flyer Programs

For affordable JFK airport parking, you and your firm can subscribe to our corporate program. We can create personal, corporate plans that will fit your firm.

You can also call us on 856-366-7014 to negotiate a corporate plan. Enjoy cheap JFK airport parking rates with Airport Parking Inc.