Cheap LAX Airport Parking Rates from Airport Parking Inc

Los Angeles is a major travel hub for destinations all across the globe. Whether you're taking a short business trip up the California coast or headed off to Europe for a dream vacation, frequent travelers often find themselves negotiating the hustle and bustle of LAX. The popularity of this location makes it difficult to find short and long term parking accommodations that fit your schedule, preferences, and budget.

Luckily, Airport Parking Inc. is here to help you solve your airport parking problems. We offer cheap LAX airport parking rates in a secure lot within walking distance of the airport. With complimentary shuttle service, guaranteed reservations, and professional valet service, Airport Parking Inc. is the best choice for the LAX traveler on-the-go.

LAX Crowne Plaza Parking: Safe, Clean, Convenient

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The LAX Crowne Plaza is our partner site near the Los Angeles airport. This luxury hotel is known across the world for superior service and high-class accommodations.

With Airport Parking Inc, you can enjoy a brush with splendor without the costliness. Our valet service parking lets you revel in the lavishness of the hotel grounds while still receiving cheap LAX airport parking rates.

By choosing to leave your vehicle with us while you're away, you can save between 40% to 70% off of average parking rates in the area around LAX. Since this hotel is used to hosting the rich, famous, and affluent, you know your vehicle will be safe throughout your trip.

The LAX Crowne Plaza is located less than a mile away from the airport. Even still, we make it easy to make it to your destination on time with free shuttle service. The shuttle runs every day, 24 hours each day. Stops are scheduled in 20 to 30-minute intervals to ensure you're always right on time for your next flight. The LAX Crowne Plaza Parking facility gives you more than just cheap LAX airport parking rates. You also get ease, convenience, and the chance to feel like a star!

Online Registration: Simple, Fast, and Guaranteed

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When you're getting ready to leave on a trip, there are always so many last-minute details. While you're racing to fill your last carry on, don't let parking be another thing to worry about. Take care of all the details before you leave home by logging onto Airport Parking Inc's easy to use online reservation page. You can choose, reserve, and pay for your parking spot from any internet-connected device. Our 100% guarantee means that once you pay, your spot will be ready for you on arrival.

The process for finding and securing cheap LAX airport parking rates with Airport Parking Inc is simple.

  • Select the date and time you would like to bring your vehicle into the parking garage. Don't forget to leave yourself time for unloading luggage and using the free shuttle service to make it to the airport.
  • Once you find the perfect parking spot, hit the "reserve" button. Fill in the required information, then complete your request by selecting the "book reservation" option.
  • When the system finds your ideal parking spot, a confirmation screen will appear. This receipt is proof that you've locked in your preferred cheap LAX airport parking rates.

Did you close your window before printing a copy of your receipt? Don't worry! We'll send a copy of your receipt to the email address you provide during registration.

Your receipt is a very important document. Claiming your reserved spot means showing your receipt to the parking garage attendant. Along with providing official validation of your paid reservation, the receipt contains important information, such as:

  • The airport from which you're departing.
  • The name, address, and phone number of the parking lot.
  • The dates and times of your parking lot arrival and scheduled departure.
  • Your parking rate and final price.
  • Information on transportation to and from the airport.

Let us know if you're having trouble printing your receipt. Our friendly customer service agents will be happy to find another way to ensure you have the proof you need to take advantage of your cheap LAX airport parking rates.

Even the best made travel plans can run into some problems. If you just can't make it to your parking spot on time, you won't have any worries. Your payment covers the time you are actually parked in the garage. That means your payment won't be applied until you arrive in the facility. If you find your flight times are delayed, just let our customer service agents know. As long as you arrive within 24 hours of your originally requested time, you won't see any changes in your final costs.

Other Perks of Finding Cheap LAX Airport Parking Rates with Airport Parking Inc.

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Besides an easy-to-use online reservation system and some of the lowest airport parking prices in the area, there are other benefits to choosing Airport Parking Inc for your cheap LAX airport parking rates.

  • Do you own a business with employees who travel frequently? Cut down on your costs to do business with our Corporate Program. We can customize a plan that saves you money on multiple spaces all across the United States.
  • Does your friend or a family member need a hand finding a comfortable place to park? You can reserve a parking spot at any of our properties right from our website. Reserve the spot in their name and have a confirmation sent straight to their email address. Simply make sure to put their name in the "Person Parking" field during registration.
  • Are you not familiar with the roads around LAX? Your printed confirmation has a link to directions that will help you find your parking garage with no problems at all. Or visit our website for detailed and accurate directions to all of our partner parking sites.
  • Can't print your parking confirmation? Call our customer service line to have a copy faxed to you. We can also send a copy of your receipt via US postal mail. However, this option can take up to 5 days for arrival. Make sure you have plenty of time to receive your information before your trip.
  • Change in travel plans? You may be eligible for a full refund of your parking fees. Contact our customer service line for more information. Please note that the service fees cannot be refunded.

Airport Parking Inc. makes it easy to find the best cheap LAX airport parking rates for your personal or business trip. We are the largest provider of long-term airport parking in the country. Book with us to see how easy it is to find comfortable, affordable, and secure parking in the LAX area.