Take Advantage of These Cheap Orlando Airport Parking Rates

Orlando International Airport is among the busiest airports in America. With so many travelers coming and going through the Orlando airport every day, it's essential to plan your traveling carefully. You need to plan your traveling logistics to ensure you get to the airport on time without stress and find cheap Orlando airport parking rates.

Make Your Orlando Airport Parking Reservation Today!

Finding an airport parking lot with cheap airport parking rates can make your commute to the airport comfortable and hassle-free. Residents of Orlando can travel to the airport and leave the vehicle in long-term parking at one of Airport Parking Inc.’s secure parking lots. The prices vary depending on the period you want to park the car.

People tend to equate cheap rates to poor quality or unsecure parking space. However, at Airport Parking Inc, we believe that travelers deserve to enjoy cheap off-site airport parking. Cheap off-site parking can be clean, secure, and reliable for frequent travelers. Whether you are flying for a day or weeks, do not hesitate to book a cheap parking space near Orlando International airport with Airport Parking Inc.

Save Funds on Airport Parking

find cheap Orlando airport parking rates

Save money during business trips and vacations by using affordable parking services. Airport Parking Inc. offers rates that will save you 40-70% of the prices you would pay in regular airport parking. You will get better service than at the airport parking. Our spaces are well marked for secure parking. You won't waste time looking for the parking space allocated to you when you arrive. We also have customer-friendly attendants to direct you to your designated parking spot.

Also, you can save the money you would have spent on dinner and accommodation for other expenses during the trip. Groups and families want to save the most money possible when they travel using private means to get to the airport. It can be expensive to pay for Uber/Lyft rides for the accommodation of a family of five for the night before the vacation trip. You can quickly reduce your expenses by using your car to transport your family and pay affordable parking rates.

Travel at Your Own Pace

find cheap Orlando airport parking rates

Using your vehicle to access the Orlando International Airport gives you the option of preparing your journey at your own pace. You can visit friends or family or have a fun road trip to Orlando on your way to the airport. You also have less stress carrying luggage to the train station then the hotel and the airport in the morning. With a car, the journey to the airport is comfortable. You put all the luggage in the trunk at the start of the trip. Traveling at your own pace reduces the delays from buses, taxis or trains. You can plan your time according to your schedule and flight departure time.

Ample Security

Affordable parking lots are great for long-term parking. You can leave your car at Airport Parking Inc. without stressing over the safety of your vehicle. We understand that your vehicle is valuable, and we have several security measures to ensure you find your vehicle in excellent condition. Our parking lots typically have 24hr CCTV surveillance and security officers who monitor the surveillance cameras as well as the entry points. The gates that are locked in the evening to prevent trespassers from getting in and vandalizing any property.

It is crucial to leave all valuable items in the trunk or the glove compartment. Valuable items that are exposed can tempt a burglar to break into your car. The parking has ample lighting for people who travel or arrive at night.

Easy Access to And From the Airport

find cheap Orlando airport parking rates

There is an airport shuttle to and from the airport included with the price of your parking spot. The shuttle runs every 10-15 minutes from our parking lot to the airport terminal. You don't have to worry about your luggage as there is enough space for luggage on the shuttle and you can request for assistance to carry your luggage at an extra fee.

How to Book A Reservation

The process of making a reservation is easy and efficient and typically takes less than 10 minutes. You can book a parking reservation from anywhere on our website. You just need to fill in a form with your information to register an account. Regular clients can log in to their account to book a reservation. You need to fill in the information of your airport of choice, the departure and arrival time.

You can opt to pay the total amount for the parking reservation or the booking fee. The balance is payable at the entrance of the parking lot in cash or with a major credit card. You have to present a booking receipt at the door to get admittance into the parking lot. A receipt for the transaction is generated and a copy sent to the email in the reservation form. Do not delete the duplicate in the email as it is important you don’t lose the receipt.

You can book a spot for a friend, neighbor or employer who is traveling as well. However, be sure to specify your name as the booking person and the name of the person as the one who is requesting the parking spot. Once you pay for the reservation, you will get a receipt for the transaction. Send the receipt to the passenger for presentation at our lots.

Making changes of the parking duration

You can change your length on the parking lot by making a phone call or emailing our offices. We understand that you may decide to extend your business trip or vacation. We have fine-tuned the process of rescheduling parking periods, and you don't need to worry about your car during the journey. Additionally, we know you can’t control the weather or any technical difficulties that may arise from traveling by plane. Therefore, we don’t charge a fee for more time (within 24 hours) of holding the spot until you are able to safely return.

Why choose us?

Airport Parking Inc. strives to offer the best parking spaces at the best parking rates. Why shouldn't you enjoy cheap Orlando airport parking rates? You deserve to get the best parking rates in Orlando and save your money in the long run. The costs fluctuate from time to time, depending on the traveling seasons, but we are dedicated to being the best travel partner for you. Choose us and book your reservation today to save money on your next trip from the Orlando International Airport.