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Air travel can be stressful. The check-in process seems to be designed to push your buttons. Yet, can you enjoy your flight even after these irritating processes? It's possible, thanks to reliable and cheap parking Newark Airport facilities. You can now get to the airport conveniently, leave your car in secure hands, and make your flight in time.

Hassle-free Airport Parking in Newark at Half the Price of Conventional Airport Parking

It's a familiar story for those who travel. You make a reservation for your parking space in advance, but on your travel day you show up at the airport parking and there is no spot reserved for you. You show them the printout of your voucher and yet you still get turned away. Now you have to find a new parking space quickly before you miss your flight. You end up paying even more on top of your initial reservation.

This is the sad truth for many travelers, and that's what we are keen on keeping our word and reservations with our cheap parking Newark Airport services. We keep track of all reservations made and carefully manage the available spaces. Once you make your reservation online, we will send you the receipt of the transaction by email. You can print it out or redeem it via mobile phone when you get to the airport.

The reservation receipt contains all information you will need including name, address, airport departure time, price and parking rates, and arrival and return dates. We validate all such receipts presented to us, just be sure to have your ID with you.

Stress-Free Newark Airport Parking

stress free cheap parking newark airport

Our parking lots are proximal to the Newark Liberty Airport. The airport is less than two miles away. Gone is the fear and worry about missing your flight because you parked too far away thanks to our complimentary shuttle service to and from our lot. We will save you time, frustration, and money by reserving a space at our airport parking facility.

First, we show you how to get to the exact lot where you have made your reservation. We will send you a Google Maps address so you can navigate there with ease.

We also make it possible to make a reservation on behalf of someone else. Their voucher will be validated just the same. Just ensure to enter their names in the person parking field when completing your online reservation.

40 -70 % Airport Parking Discount

Airports extort exorbitant fees from passengers. They generate close to 30% of their revenue from parking fees alone. You don't have to put up with the steep prices anymore. We guarantee you cheap parking Newark Airport parking lots that are safe and secure. You can now slash more than half of your last airport parking fees by reserving a space with us instead of the alternative choices.

Start your trip right by paying less. Book with us online now and save a significant amount in Newark airport parking fees. Our facilities also feature a 24/7 complimentary shuttle service from given parking lots to the Newark Liberty Airport.

Volume is our most significant advantage—that's how we can provide remarkably cheap parking Newark Airport services. Because we are among the largest providers of airport parking in the country, our operating costs stay low. We also have positive relationships with hotels and off-site airport parking specialists that allow us to provide affordable airport parking nationwide.

Large Capacity of Newark Airport Parking Spaces

cheap parking newark airport

Airport parking lots fill up quickly most of the time which can be stressful when planning business or last-minute trips. The vast number of parking lots we operate near the Newark Airport ensures that you nearly always be able to reserve a spot at one of our parking facilities in New Jersey.  

One of our top choices for Newark airport parking is Stay America – Elizabeth parking lot that's 2 miles from the airport. Reservations to this lot come with a complimentary shuttle schedule which makes getting to your flight on time a breeze and easy to plan. You can also choose the EWR Parking 2.1 miles from the airport. This lot similarly features a 24-hour complimentary shuttle service. Our other cheap parking Newark Airport facilities include the EWR Park 2 Go – Outdoor, 1.6 miles from the airport.

We have valet parking services available with the indoor parking space at EWR Park 2 Go.  We will personally pick up your vehicle and safely park it in the indoor garage that is less than 2 minutes from the airport so as soon as you reach our lots, you’re on your way.

Enjoy A Better Parking Experience Every Time You Travel  

Getting in and out of our parking spaces if often times much easier than hurried environment of a lot at the airport. There is less traffic and congestion, thanks to our streamlined parking management.

The online reservation system and quick validation reduce congestion at the entrances and exits of our parking lots. We have similarly installed effective access control solutions to minimize the amount of time you spend parking. Then as mentioned before, we will send you the map and direction to your exact lot to save you time and frustration.

Additionally, for a smooth parking experience, we have in-parking guidance systems that include signage and LED lights. These help our customers to find spaces with ease. It eliminates the frustrations of having to circle up and down the lots looking for an empty parking space.

Safe and Secure Airport Parking

We have put in place the measures to ensure that your car stays within secure parking facilities. You can travel with peace of mind, knowing that there is security where your vehicle is parked.

All our outdoor parking spaces are in a fenced lot and are monitored 24/7 by security guards and automated surveillance systems. Your vehicle will remain safe from damage and secure from theft. The parking spaces are well lit. The extra light installations that we have in place help to discourage night time mischief. The lighting also helps us to carefully monitor the condition and state of your car via the surveillance system.

We are the nation's leading provider of long-term airport parking. You can leave your car in our indoor parking garage before you embark on your long journey or our outdoor parking spaces if you don’t mind your car being out in the elements.

No More Last-Minute Scrambling

cheap parking newark airport

Try our valet parking services. You don't have to look for a parking space yourself when you arrive and you don't have to struggle to find your car after a tiring trip. A professional and courteous valet will park your car on arrival, and when you return the car will be brought right to you for pick up. You not only save time; you make your air travel experience a little more relaxing.

There are 24-hour shuttle services for everyone who park at our Newark parking facilities. No matter which of our airport parking lots you book, you are guaranteed shuttle services to and from the airport. No more having to walk or find a ride to the airport. Our shuttle services are free with your reservation.

With the Extended Stay America – Elizabeth parking lot, the shuttle service operates between 7 AM and 11 PM. The pick-ups and drop-offs happen at 30-minute intervals. Your shuttle return instructions and phone number will be included on your reservation voucher.

With the EWR parking facility, the shuttle service works on a 24-hour basis for the convenience of late night and early morning travelers. The shuttle service at this facility is can be fairly busy so to ensure a spot, let us know ahead of time that you will be using this service.

EWR Park 2 Go indoor and outdoor parking facility also features a shuttle transfer service. The service works at all times, day and night. The wait time for pick up or drop off is between 5 and 7 minutes.

Choose Our Cheap Parking Newark Airport Facilities for Excellent Value

Reliability, security, convenience, and cost savings are what we guarantee. Reserve your parking space online now. It's that easy.