Let Us Help You Find Cheap Parking, Orlando Airport Travelers

Whether you are traveling for the first time or a frequent flier, one thing you need to search for before your travels is cheap parking. Orlando airport is a major hub for those traveling through Florida and finding parking rates that fit your budget can be a challenge. Whether you're a frequent business traveler or simply like to explore the world during your free time, the cheap parking rates at the Orlando airport usually fill up quickly. This leaves fliers to either fork over large fees for parking close to the airport, pay excessive taxi fares, or appeal to the kindness of friends and family for rides.

Airport Parking Inc. is the solution to your travel-related parking problems. With strategic locations across the United States, we make it easy, safe, and affordable to store your personal vehicle while you fly. Even when our airport parking lots in Orlando aren’t available, our local partners always have an adequate and protected place for you to park that won't dip too deeply into your travel budget. From a weekend getaway to spending several weeks immersed in a work trip, Airport Parking Inc simplifies your Orlando travel plans in some important ways.

Reserve Online for Your Cheap Parking, Orlando Airport Fills Up Fast

find cheap Orlando airport parking rates

Orlando airport parking that have affordable rates are limited. During holidays and popular vacation dates, short term parking can be quickly eaten up by travelers with earlier flights. Travelers then must decide between paying extra for a safety in enclosed parking spaces or trust leaving their car in one of the less-attended cell phone lots.

With Airport Parking Inc, you can avoid the unpleasant surprise of a full lot. Our simple online registration process allows you to choose a parking lot, pay for your reservation, and print proof of purchase from most internet-connected devices. Instead of fighting for dwindling spots, you can arrive knowing that your space is ready and waiting just for you.

With multiple lots within 3.8 miles of the airport, you'll never have to rush to make your departure time. However, we make it even easier to get from your car to the tarmac with a free shuttle service. We ensure you won't have to waste time, energy, or money flagging down cab drivers or negotiating rideshare apps.

Get the Perfect Spot for Your Preferences

Don't limit your choices when looking for cheap parking. Orlando airport has several Airport Parking Inc. lots that each have their own unique set of features. Find the perfect spot on our list of professionally managed lots.

  • The Holiday Inn is a well-lit lot with in-person security on-site between 11 pm and 7 am nightly. Shuttles arrive every 30 minutes between 4 am and 1:30 am daily.
  • Self-parking at the Omni airport parking is a gated, uncovered lot with plenty of light throughout the property. This busy property gets a shuttle service every 15 minutes.
  • Park Me Fly is a secure, fenced-in property with 24-hour authorized access. Choose between self-parking and valet service. Twenty-four-hour on-demand shuttle service means you won't have to wait very long to start your adventure.
  • The Comfort Suites lot is lit up at night to prevent potential problems that hide in the dark. With a 3-day minimum stay, this lot is ideal for long term travel. Free shuttles run once an hour from 4:30 am until 1 am daily.
  • The Gold Park Orlando is another option for Orlando travelers to consider. On-demand shuttle service to and from this location means you stay in control of your own travel schedule.

Find Conditions That Make You Comfortable

find cheap Orlando airport parking rates

Some car owners hesitate to leave their beloved vehicles in many lots. Even with insurance coverage, the idea of vandalism, forceful entry, or theft is enough to make sure you find the right airport parking lot. For this reason alone, many Orlando-area travelers will pay higher-priced airport parking rates when the scheduling their parking to ensure safety. 

Budget-conscious travelers often have to settle for certain things in order to secure the best possible pricing. However, the safety of your vehicle shouldn't be a negotiating point. If you can't get your car into a safe cheap parking Orlando airport lot, your other low-priced parking options may be subpar in some ways. Problems you could encounter include:

  • Leaving your vehicle parked at home. You save a few bucks, but you also risk calling attention to the fact that no one is home.
  • Using airport valet parking. Valet is one of the safest parking options. The storage area for these cars generally enjoys limited access, which makes it less likely that your equipment will be damaged. The luxury and convenience of this option are eclipsed by the stiff daily price tag, however.
  • Finding public parking lots. Leaving your car in the parking lot of a local mall or superstore doesn't cost a penny. These areas are also usually well covered by surveillance equipment. However, you might come back to find your vehicle has been towed, even if you've previously gotten permission from the property managers.

Airport Parking Inc. partner sites include professional surveillance and other techniques to keep thieves and mischief from ruining your ride while you're flying.

Guaranteed Bookings and Savings

find cheap Orlando airport parking rates

The cheap parking Orlando airport maintains isn't always cheap. In fact, leaving your car in some lots could cost up to $45 per day. Those types of charges put a big dent in your wallet. By choosing an Airport Parking Inc. location, you realize significant cost savings. Our users save between 40% to 70% of their travel-related parking fees.

Heavy-handed pricing isn't the only problem in the Orlando area. High demand sometimes means that your reserved parking isn't fully guaranteed. If your arrival is delayed, you could find yourself preempted by someone who simply made it there first. With Airport Parking Inc., your valid receipt means that you won't lose your spot to another traveler, no matter how late you arrive.

Airport Parking Inc. Provides Cheap Parking Orlando Airport Travelers Need

Take control of your travel options with Airport Parking Inc. Our simple reservation process ensures you have a safe and affordable place to park your vehicle before catching your flight. Multiple property options means you can choose the most convenient location. Secured and monitored lots let you enjoy your time away without worrying about break-ins. With the addition of our free shuttle service, Airport Parking Inc. is your best choice for budget-friendly convenience. Skip the overpriced hassle of finding cheap parking. Orlando airport affiliated lots are not your only option when traveling to Florida. Trust Airport Parking Inc. for your long and short term airport parking needs and schedule with us today.