Detroit Airport Parking

Making Detroit Airport Parking Advance Reservations

While airports don’t generally take advance reservations for their on-site parking lots, you can make Detroit airport parking reservations ahead of time by using a nearby park and fly facility. Since the airport’s own parking space is limited, they treat it as a first-come, first-serve situation, and charge a premium price for the convenience of being on airport property. However, there is an alternative which can save you time and money. Logging on to's website will allow you to make an advance reservation at any of our many airport fast park facilities throughout the United States. While off airport property, these lots are located only a few minutes away, and provide a safe and secure long term parking option for your vehicle for the duration of your travels.

Save With Detroit Airport Parking Offsite

Using a privately-owned Airport Parking Inc. parking facility can result in significant savings over parking at the Detroit Airport parking lot located on airport property. Our customers routinely save anywhere from 40 to 70 percent. Even with the savings, some passengers are still wary of using an offsite parking lot. However, if you consider how vast and spread out a large airport is, even parking on property can put your vehicle miles from where your airline terminal is located, and still require a shuttle transport. All of our Airport Parking Inc. lots are conveniently located only a few minutes from the airport. Furthermore, the ability to make an advance reservation increases the appeal of an offsite parking lot. This convenience is a huge advantage during high travel periods, such as holidays, when many parking lots, including the on-site ones, are filled to capacity. Our online reservation system is simple to navigate, and your information is completely secure and kept confidential. Once you know your travel plans, simply log on to our secure website and enter your personal information, as well as your airport and dates of travel. You will then be prompted to enter your payment information. Prepaying for your parking spot will also save you time on your day of travel. When you arrive at the parking lot, you will be quickly processed (as we already have all of your information in our system), your car parked in our secure, well-lit lot, and then you will be directed to one of our complimentary shuttles. The shuttle driver will deposit you and your luggage on the curb just outside of your airline terminal. The driver will also instruct you on where to find the shuttle for your return trip to the parking lot at the end of your travels. Next time you travel, experience the convenience of using an offsite Detroit airport parking facility. Your car will be safely waiting upon your arrival, and you will have the satisfaction of saving yourself time and money. So, get your discounted DTW airport parking. Detroit is expecting you!