JFK airport Long-Term Parking Options

One of the more frustrating aspects of air travel from New York is looking for JFK airport long-term parking options, as it's one of the hardest airports in the nation to park your vehicle. JFK airport is considered one of the busiest international airports in the world as it has six terminals, four runaways and over 60 million travelers come through the hub each year. With this amount of passengers coming and going, JFK long-term parking typically comes at a premium price.

Parking at JFK airport doesn't have to be an expensive inconvenience, even during the busiest times of the travel season. While JFK airport overcharges and is not a convenient option, we have a great alternative. It's smart to make a reservation with us (or even another provider) prior to heading over to JFK airport due, to the expected congestive traffic coming in and out of the airport's main entrance and the fact that lots occasionally fill up. 

If you're planning to fly out of JFK airport and park your vehicle in one of the long-term parking lot locations, here is some valuable information to make your day go more smoothly: 

On-Site JFK airport Long-term Parking Is NOT a Good Option

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Usually, the preferred choice for travelers is to park their vehicle at the airport, but often that isn’t the best option. Unfortunately, there is only one option for on-site JFK long-term parking and that would be Lot 9, which is located four miles west of the airport's main entrance. You cannot reserve a parking space through the JFK airport website, like short-term parkers, due to regulations by the local port authority. 

However, be aware that Lot 9 is the farthest parking lot from the airport's terminals. It's located on Lefferts Blvd and Howard Beach. A free shuttle service is provided for paying customers to and from each terminal, as a bus will travel throughout the lot picking up travelers at designated stop locations all day long. However, this shuttle tends to be slow and is twice as far away as our lot.

The good news is that, unlike some of our private competitors, the lost is secure. It is busy. For added security, there is a 24-hour on-site staff attendant and multiple surveillance cameras to protect your vehicle while you're away for more than a few days. 

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage is the cost. JFK overcharges for parking simply because so many people fail to plan ahead or comparison shop, and that allows them to set uncompetitive prices and still get paid.

Our Off-Site JFK Long-term Parking is the Best Option

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Besides, the main on-site long-term parking lot, there are a number of off-site JFK parking options. Each offers a choice of parking your vehicle in a covered or uncovered parking space. Our off-site parking location has 24/7 security which should give customers some quiet relief that their automobile will be safe and secured while they're away from home. Other amenities include complimentary 24/7 shuttle service to all of the JFK airport terminals, luggage assistance, and customer-only restrooms on-site. We make the entire process easy, and make it easy to catch the return shuttle to your car after your trip.

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How To Use Airport Parking Inc.com 

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Traveling to JFK airport can be a bit of a hassle at times, especially if you're looking to park your car in a long-term parking lot or off-site location. One of the best JFK long-term parking options is Airport Parking Inc.com as we are an experienced lot operator who understands the needs of travelers looking to make their flight on-time. Our goal is to provide professional, courteous service that meets the high standards of their busy customers. Our high standards leave customers with the only concern of choosing the right book or magazine to read on their upcoming flight and not looking for a parking space in a JFK airport parking lot, or worrying about your car. 

The process to reserve a parking space is quite simple. Just click here for JFK airport parking and input the date and time needed to park your car. You will be directed to a secure checkout page where you will receive a confirmation number after paying for your reserved parking space. Print out all of the pertinent information as this will be required to enter the off-site parking lot. All reservations are guaranteed and full money back return is provided if the cancellation of the reserved parking space occurs prior to your check-in date. 

Airport Parking Inc.com offers complimentary curbside dropoff and pick-up shuttle service from each of JFK airport terminals. All of the measures should make JFK airport long-term parking a seamless process.