John Wayne Airport Parking

Beginning Your Trip at John Wayne Airport. Parking Not Included.

You have tickets in your pocket, suitcases in the trunk, and your car is on the way to John Wayne Airport. Parking your vehicle hasn't even crossed your mind. As you enter the airport, you see signs leading you to various parking lots. Trying to figure out which one to park in suddenly becomes a serious problem. You drive past car after car, looking for a space. After finding one, you grab your luggage and get ready to trek to your terminal check in. As you head for the elevators, you notice a sign listing the parking rates. You nearly drop your suitcase at the price! Why couldn't there be a place where you can reserve inexpensive parking when you reserve your airline tickets?

Reserving Inexpensive John Wayne Airport Parking

There is a place you can reserve parking that will leave your pocketbook intact. John Wayne Airport parking prices can't beat what we at Airport Parking, Inc. offer. With facilities only minutes away from the airport or sea port of your choice, we offer parking that is 40 to 70 percent cheaper than airport prices. There is no way you'd be able to keep that kind of money if you parked in long term parking at your local airport.

Other Benefits of Reserving Parking with Airport Parking, Inc.

While our parking facilities are only minutes from your local airport, we have convenient complementary shuttles to drive you to your terminal. You can even find a list of shuttle times for whatever parking facility you choose from our website. All of our lots are safe and secure, giving you peace of mind. As you reserve your spot, you also will be secure in the knowledge that your reservations are guaranteed at our privately-owned facilities. Payment is made as soon you reserve your parking spot. You need not worry about paying a big parking bill after your trip like you would with a park and fly parking lot. There is no comparison between our parking facilities and an airport fast park lot. We win hands down.

Easy Booking on Our Site

There are no complications when you book with us. Just select the airport you're planning to fly out of and the dates and times you need. The list of our facilities near that airport will pop up. That screen will include our rates and a description of our shuttle services. Reserve your space, fill out your information, and click to pay. You can then print out a receipt that includes your travel itinerary and other valid information. You will need this receipt to park in the lot you have chosen. As you can see, parking with us in Orange County is much easier than trying to fit your vehicle in a John Wayne Airport parking spot.