Minneapolis Airport Parking

What is Your Best Bet for Minneapolis Airport Parking?

If you are flying out of Minneapolis, airport parking is easier that at some airports, but AirportParkingInc.com can still improve on what is offered through the airport. With a variety of services such as valet parking, economy lots, a cell phone waiting lot, ground transportation, and a real-time airport parking availability information system, they really have tried to address the problem. With two widely separated terminals, however, necessitating a free Light Rail Transit (LRT) service and a map of how to drive from one terminal to the other, this airport could definitely be a nightmare for the unwary traveler.

Park and Fly Makes Life Easier

Unfortunately, if you need Minneapolis airport parking, there is no way to be sure that when you arrive there will be available parking in a lot that is near the terminal from which your flight is leaving. You could be stuck driving all over the place looking for an open parking space, or be forced to use the valet parking, which is much more expensive. You reserve your tickets, hotel, rental car, even tourist attractions or theater tickets online so that you can plan ahead and have a smooth trip. Now with AirportParkingInc.com, you can also book your airport parking online, so you will know where to park and how much it will cost before you arrive at the airport. Minneapolis Airport Parking for the Long Term – Is Any Airport Parking Really Safe? If you need to park at an airport for more than a few hours, you will need long term parking. No one wants to spend their whole trip worrying whether their car will get stolen or broken into while they are away; that is why AirportParkingInc.com uses only safe, secure lots, with attendants and 24 hour complimentary shuttle service to and from the terminals. Relax and enjoy your trip knowing your vehicle will be safe and waiting for you when you arrive home, and that you will be safe when you go to reclaim it.

Airport Fast Park is What You Want

When you are planning your trip, wouldn’t it be easier to go online and reserve your parking at the airport at the same time you are making all your other reservations? We let you view all the available lots and select the one you prefer; you pay online and print out a receipt to hand the attendant when you arrive. Then you get on the free shuttle and go to your terminal. There are no unpleasant surprises, and you will save money over the regular airport parking – as much as 40 to 70%! For all these reasons and more, we hope you will consider reserving your parking online with AirportParkingInc.com the next time you need Minneapolis airport parking!