We Offer the Best Orlando Airport Long Term Parking

Orlando International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the United States. With multiple people coming and going through the airport daily, it’s essential to make travel plans early and properly. Plan your travel logistics, so that you reach the airport on time and secure affordable Orlando airport long term parking rates.

Book an Affordable Orlando Airport Parking Spot Today!

Getting cheap airport parking rates allows a traveler to commute to the airport comfortably and without stress. Orlando residents can go to the airport and leave their vehicles in long-term parking at Airport Parking Inc.’s secure lots. The charges vary based on the duration you want to park your car.

Many people usually equate cheap airport parking rates to poor quality services. But, at Airport Parking Inc., we strongly believe that travelers deserve to enjoy affordable off-site Orlando airport parking. Low-cost off-site parking can be clean, safe, and reliable for a frequent traveler. Whether you’re flying for days or weeks don’t hesitate to reserve cheap Orlando airport long term parking with Airport Parking Inc.

Save Money on Airport Parking

find cheap Orlando airport parking rates

Get to save funds during business trips and family vacations by using cheap, but exceptional parking services. At Airport Parking Inc., we offer rates that save travelers 40-70% of the prices that they’d pay in regular airport parking. With us, you’ll receive better service than at the on-site Orlando airport parking. All our spaces are well-monitored for secure parking for whatever amount of time. You will not waste your precious time searching for your reserved parking spot when you arrive. Additionally, our attendants at the lots are friendly and will direct you to your allocated space.

The money you save on parking can then be used for other expenses that come up during your trip. Families and other groups want to save as much money as possible when they use private means to reach the airport. Undoubtedly, it can be pricey to pay for Uber or Lyft rides for a family. You can instantly decrease your costs by using your private vehicle to transport your family and pay for cheap parking rates.

Traveling at Your Own Pace

Using your personal car to access the Orlando Airport gives you a chance to prepare for your trip at your pace. For instance, you can have an exciting road trip with family or friends on your way to the airport. Moreover, you’ll have less stress transporting your luggage. With your own vehicle, the journey to Orlando airport becomes comfortable and relaxed. You put your luggage in the trunk of the car and head off. Traveling at your own pace decreases the delays from public means of transport. You can plan appropriately according to the flight’s departure time.  

Adequate Security

find cheap Orlando airport parking rates

Inexpensive parking lots are excellent for Orlando airport long term parking. Simply leave your car at any of Airport Parking Inc.’s lots and head off on your trip without stressing over your car’s safety. We’ve put in security measures at our parking lots to ensure you find your vehicle just as you left it. Our parking lots have 24-hour CCTV surveillance and security guards who monitor the cameras and points of entry.

The gates are locked every evening to prevent trespassers from gaining entry to the parked vehicles. Moreover, the parking has sufficient lighting for those who travel or arrive when it’s dark.

However, we advise you to ensure that any valuable items in your car are kept in the trunk or glove compartment. While we do provide exceptional security, anything can happen. So, leaving pricey items in an exposed place in your vehicle may tempt thieves that target long term parking places.

You can significantly reduce the risk of losing your valuables by remembering to lock all your car’s doors. While that is super simple, at times people do forget to lock their vehicles, leaving them open to burglars.

Nevertheless, when you park your car with Airport Parking Inc., we’ll ensure your vehicle stays safe until you come back. Our Orlando airport long term parking facilities are guarded 24/7 for maximum security.

Seamless Access to and from the Orlando Airport

At Airport Parking Inc. we provide our clients with a complimentary shuttle to take them to and from the Orlando airport. The shuttle operates every 10-15 minutes from our parking spaces to the airport termini. You do not need to worry about how you’ll carry your luggage because there’s ample room for luggage on the shuttle.

How to Book a Spot with Us

find cheap Orlando airport parking rates

The process of reserving a parking space is simple, efficient and usually takes less than ten minutes. Just head over to our website and book a spot from anywhere. You just have to complete a form with your details to create an account. Any regular customer can log into their account to make a reservation. Fill in the details of the airport as well as the expected departure and arrival times.

As you browse our Orlando airport long term parking facility options on our website, you’ll see the various rates and premises. You’ll notice instantly that our parking rates are lower than other fast park lots. Since, you’ll pay as soon as you complete your online booking process, you won’t have to worry about any surprise charges.

You can choose to pay either the booking fee or the total amount for the reservation. Any balance is payable at the designated parking lot’s entrance with cash or a major credit card. After booking a reservation, a receipt will be generated, and a copy transferred to the email address listed on the reservation form. Don’t delete the email, because you’ll need to present the receipt to the parking lot attendants in order to gain entry.

You can also reserve a spot for an employee, friend, family member, or neighbor who’s travelling too. Your name will need to be listed as the person making the booking. And the other person’s name will appear as the one requesting for the spot. After you’ve paid for the reservation and received a receipt, send the receipt to the passenger.

Our seamless Orlando airport long term parking reservation process lets you know your designated space. Therefore, you will not need to fret about looking for one when you get to the parking premise.

Making Parking Duration Changes

You can easily change the duration of your parking reservation by calling or emailing us. We know that you might decide to extend your trip out of town. We’ve fined-tuned the procedure of rescheduling parking time lengths, and you do not have to worry about your vehicle. Moreover, we understand that you cannot control the weather or technical problems that might come from air travel. So, we do not charge a fee for extra parking time within 24 hours for holding the spot till you return.

Why Choose Airport Parking Inc.?

We strive to offer the best possible parking spots at the best Orlando airport long term parking rates. You deserve to receive affordable parking rates at Orlando airport and save money in the long run. The prices may fluctuate based on the travelling seasons, but Airport Parking Inc. is committed to being the best travel partner. Pick us and make your reservation as soon as possible to save money on your next journey from Orlando Airport. No matter your plans for travel, we always aim to provide the best possible Orlando airport long term parking services.