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Airport Parking: Cape Liberty Cruiseport,NJ

14 Port Terminal Boulevard is focused on saving you time and money on your airport parking.


Why Choose Us for Cape Liberty Cruise Port Parking?

  • You Can Save 40-70% on Remarkably Low-Cost Cape Liberty Parking
  • We Have Complimentary On-Demand, 24/7 Shuttle Service
  • Your Reservation is 100% Guaranteed and Hassle-Free
  • Our Long-Term Cape Liberty Port Parking is Completely Secure and Continually Monitored. Enjoy Peace of Mind on Your Vacation While We Safeguard Your Vehicle
  • We Are Conveniently Located and Just Minutes from the Port
  • Make Your Reservation from the Comfort of Your Home, When You Want to, and Eliminate Any Last-Minute Stress
  • We Are One of the Nation's Largest and Most Trusted Providers of Long-Term Parking, with High Ratings from Our Customers, So You Can Be Assured Your Reservation and Your Vehicle Are in Good Hands


The Best Cape Liberty Parking: Let Cape Liberty Cruise Port Parking Be Part of a Stress-Free Vacation

Cruises can be  sensational vacations. They are filled with relaxation and fun, and are a great value. Those should be the memories you bring home. If you have ever returned to car problems after your cruise, however, you know it can cast a cloud over your whole trip. You may have heard stories of people who used other Cape Liberty parking services, only to discover their reservations were lost and they were scrambling to find parking, or even missed their ship. No one wants to be running around looking for lot vacancies when you should be enjoying time on your cruise ship. Worse yet, thieves love to target lots they know have very predictable traffic patterns, such as the Cape Liberty port parking lots. Imagine returning from your cruise to discover your window shattered, your belongings missing, and your car full of rainwater and insects. Unfortunately, some unlucky folks don’t have to imagine it, because they have lived it. Your lasting memory of your vacation should be the all fun you had on the cruise, not the stress of discovering problems with your car upon your return. Your trip will be stress-free with Airport Parking Inc. Our Cape Liberty port parking is safe, secure, and monitored 24/7. We offer savings of 40-70%, and 24/7 complimentary on-demand shuttle service to the Cape Liberty cruise port for most customers.

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 FAQs About Long Term Cape Liberty Parking

How Can I Find the Right Cape Liberty Port Parking Lot?

The address of your Cape Liberty cruise port parking lot will be sent in  your confirmation email once your reservation is complete. You can also click here to view our maps Each address can be found on Google Maps and most other mapping services for easy navigation and is clearly marked. Just enter the address and drive.

How Are You Able to Offer Such Low-Cost Cape Liberty Cruise Port Parking?

The short answer is higher volume business leads to lower cost Cape Liberty cruise parking rates for our customers. We are one of the biggest and most respected providers of low-cost parking in the USA. With that in mind, we are able to negotiate the best rates with parking structures, and other off-site lots to provide you with remarkably low-cost Cape Liberty Parking rates. Our economy of scale also allows us to be more efficient than our competitors, and our overhead-per-booking is extremely low, perhaps the lowest in the industry. We pass that savings on to you.

How Does the Cruise Port Parking Reservation Process Work?

Begin by selecting the day and times for your reservation and click on the "search" button. Be sure to allow time for our shuttle to get you back and forth to the cruise port. Select either an indoor or outdoor reservation by clicking the "reserve" button. Enter all of reservation information, and select "book reservation" at the bottom of the screen. After clicking "book reservation," please be patient. It may take a minute or two to process your transaction and lock in your cheap Cape Liberty port parking rates. Once complete, your reservation confirmation and receipt will appear on your screen. We also send a copy of your receipt to the email address you provided. Your receipt contains all the information you'll need to park, including:

  • your cruise port of departure
  • your chosen lot name, address, phone and directions
  • your arrival and return dates and times
  • your name and the name of the person parking
  • your price and daily rate
  • arrival and transportation information

You must present the parking lot with a copy of your receipt along with one form of personal identification to validate the offer and receive credit for your payment. Please note that the service fee is not refunded to you by the parking lot. If you do not present your receipt to the parking lot, you will not get credit for your online payment and this online payment will not be refunded at a later date.

If you are unable to print your confirmation, please notify us (you can notify us by clicking here). We will arrange to either email a copy of your receipt to an alternate email address or fax or mail you a copy. To receive a copy by mail your departure date must be a minimum of 5 business days from the date your transaction was made.

Is it Possible to Make a Cape Liberty Parking Reservation for Someone Else?

Yes. Simply type in the other person's name in the "Person Parking" field when completing your reservation. Both your name and their name will appear on your receipt, and they will have no difficulty using the reservation. He or she should remember to bring their identification with them.

How Do I Pay for My Cape Liberty Parking Reservation? When Do I Do It?

For Cape Liberty cruise port parking, there is typically an initial deposit to hold your reservation, and the bulk of the payment is made when you check in. You pay the total amount quoted on our web site (the "Pay Online" price) when you make your reservation. The reminder (the "Due at Lot" price) is paid to the lot attendant upon your arrival. Our affiliates accept cash and all major credit cards. Our number one goal is to negotiate with our partners to get you the best low-cost Cape Liberty port parking rates, but this process secures your reservation with minimum up-front costs.

How Does the Shuttle Work?

We provide free, 24/7 on-demand Cape Liberty cruise port shuttle. Please view the specific terms and conditions set forth for the lot you have chosen. Please allow 10-15 minutes for check-in and transportation to your terminal. You will also be provided a schedule and a phone number to call, as well, should any special circumstances arise. We make the whole process easy. Your vacation begins as soon as you park your car.

For the best Cape Liberty Parking – the safest, most secure Cape Liberty cruise port parking lots and savings of 40-70% - make your reservation today…then sit back, relax, and enjoy your cruise.