BWI Long Term Parking

BWI Long Term Parking for Less

Are you traveling in the near future and searching for BWI long term parking for less money? Airport Parking, Inc. has a solution for you. With park and fly lots scattered all over the nation, all within a stone’s throw of major airports, we can offer you a reserved spot in a secure lot for a fraction of what airport-owned lots charge.

As the busiest airport in the Baltimore-Washington region, you can imagine long term parking is always in demand. For the convenience of parking closer to the airport, on airport property, travelers are charged a premium rate. However, even being on airport property, the lot is still likely a distance from the terminals, and requires a shuttle or bus ride.

All of the Airport Parking owned and operated long-term lots provide a complimentary shuttle ride, as well as parking for less money. Our customers enjoy a significant savings, ranging from 40 to 70 percent off of on-site airport lot rates.

In addition to the cost savings, there is the benefit of being able to make a reservation in advance, guaranteeing you a parking spot when you arrive. Catching a flight on time is stressful enough without adding the fear of a sold-out parking lot to your list of worries. While airports appear to have tons of parking everywhere, these lots frequently sell out during high travel periods, and most do not offer advance reservations.

BWI Long Term Parking Reservations

Making a reservation for your vehicle is easy! Once you know your travel dates, simply log on to our secure website and select your dates of travel to check availability. Then enter your personal and payment information to complete the reservation process. Entering this information in advance will streamline the process on the day you bring your vehicle to our lot.

We aren’t called an “airport fast park” facility for nothing. Upon arrival, you are guided to your reserved BWI long term parking spot and quickly checked in. One of our shuttles is always nearby, as they run steady throughout the day and night. A driver will assist you with your luggage and you are then transported directly to your airline terminal for you to continue on in your travels. You will be given instructions on where to find the shuttle upon your return.

Frequent Flyer?

We welcome repeat customers. Once you are registered with our secure website, you will simply need to log in to make reservations in the future, saving you even more time! You can also sign up for our email newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive alerts and specials to save you even more on future BWI long term parking reservations. So, get your discounted BWI airport parking. Baltimore is expecting you!