Parking at Atlanta Airport

Tips for Parking at Atlanta Airport

Going through the Atlanta airport can be a nightmare for the inexperienced traveler, so we thought we would give you a few tips for parking at Atlanta airport. Once you have booked your flight out of Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, you need to consider all of the different options for getting to the airport to catch your flight. If you have a friend or family member willing to brave the airport traffic to drop you off and pick you up, that is often the preferred method. However, if you have inconvenient flight times (early morning or late night), it may be difficult to find someone to take you. Furthermore, if you experience flight delays or changes, you may end up stranded. Another option is a taxi or airport transfer service. A driver will pick you up at your home and deliver you right to your airport terminal. You can schedule your pick-up upon return with the same company ahead of time. They will generally charge you one round trip flat rate. However, that rate is generally fairly pricy, depending on how far away from the airport you are.

Finding Parking at Atlanta Airport

Much like Chicago airport parking, Hartsfield Jackson is quite congested. The airport serves the greater Atlanta area and is famous for the amount of vehicular traffic it generates. The airport grounds themselves are sprawling and cover thousands of acres. It would take a person a while to get from one end of the airport property to the other. That being said, the sprawling airport does boast several short and long term parking lots for travelers to choose from. However, just because they are on airport property does not mean they are close to the terminals. In fact, in some instances they are many miles away. Upon your arrival on airport property, you can follow the signs to the long term parking lots and hope to find one that is still open and has parking spots available. During peak travel periods, it would not be unusual to find all of the Atlanta airport long term lots filled to capacity. This could leave you scrambling at the last minute to find an alternate parking solution nearby and to get there, park, pay, and catch a shuttle back to the airport in time to catch your flight. If you are lucky enough to find parking in one of the airport's long term lots, you will likely pay an exorbitant price for this service. Parking on airport property can cost you nearly double compared to some of the independent lots offering parking at Atlanta airport. Independent Parking Lots The best solution continues to be selecting a trusted independent parking provider. You get the best of all worlds. Your car is in a safe and secure location only minutes from airport property. You don’t have to deal with full-on airport property traffic to get to the parking facility. And best of all, customers save 40 to 70 percent over parking in the long term Chicago airport parking or Atlanta airport parking lots. Airport Parking, Inc. is a reliable leader in the airport parking industry. With parking lots all across the nation, we provide parking support to travelers out of all major airports. Utilizing is simple! Once you have set up your travel plans, simply log on to our website here at to create a reservation. Right from our main page you will be able to select the airport from which you are departing and your dates of travel. You will immediately see a display of lots owned and/or operated by Airport Parking, Inc. Each lot will include a description of their proximity to the selected airport, as well as specialty information, such as whether they offer covered parking or RV parking. The daily price for each lot is also displayed. Once you have selected the lot you wish to use, you will be asked to enter your personal information to create your reservation. You then proceed to the payment page. Our site is completely secure, and your financial information is safe. By prepaying for your parking reservation, you will save yourself time on your day of travel. After you have completed your reservation, we will send you a confirmation email. Print out your receipt to bring with you when you park. Included in the confirmation will be detailed directions to the parking facility. Upon your arrival, you will show your receipt, park your car, and board one of our complimentary shuttles. The professional, experienced driver will load your luggage, and drop off you and your baggage directly outside of your airline check-in counter! More Than Just Airport Parking Not only do we offer our efficient and affordable parking services at airports near you, but we also service seaports and offer parking for cruise passengers! So next time you consider parking at Atlanta airport, or any other airport or seaport, consider Airport Parking, Inc. So, get your discounted ATL airport parking. Atlanta is expecting you!