Parking at BWI

Overcoming the Challenge of Parking at BWI

You live in the Washington D.C-Baltimore area, and have planned a vacation. You need to find parking at BWI Airport for your vehicle. You don't want to burden anyone else with driving you to the airport or picking you up when you come back from your trip. However, airports can be a crazy place to find parking. Often the expense is not worth the hassle of finding that perfect spot close to your terminal entrance. Still, you want to get to the airport fast, park, and start your vacation. Is there a better solution to your parking problem?

The Best Parking at BWI

There is a better alternative than parking at BWI Airport parking lots. We provide long term parking for your vehicle that is easy and affordable. Imagine – no driving around forever for the “perfect spot,” no worries about full park and fly lots, and none of the traffic jams you have with airport fast park. Our company, Airport Parking, Inc., has parking facilities near many international airports and sea ports. We offer inexpensive rates, up to 70 percent off in some cases. The price of parking your vehicle shouldn't cost as much as a one-way airplane ticket.

Facilities That are Safe and Secure

Our parking facilities offer a safe environment for your vehicle. Many of our lots are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While our parking venues may be off site, they are only minutes away from the airport. We provide free shuttles that will take you to and from your airport terminal. There is no hassle, no wrestling with traffic, and no rush to check in and catch your plane; just park and fly. You can enjoy your vacation knowing that you vehicle is safe and secure.

Fast and Easy Reservations

Now that you know there is long term parking available that is stress- and worry-free, you can easily reserve your parking space on our website. When you find the airport you're using, enter your dates of departure and arrival, and the time you need to park your vehicle. You will be taken to another screen that will list the facilities we have near that particular airport. The price calculations will be on the same page, as well. When you find the lot in which you want to park, hit the reserve button. The next screen will ask you to fill out your information. Payment will be made online. If you continue to peruse our website, you will see that directions are available. We help you finish the details ahead of time. We want your parking experience to be completely smooth. All you need to do is park your car and grab a shuttle to the airport. Finding parking at BWI can be that simple and easy. So, get your discounted BWI airport parking. Baltimore is expecting you!