Phoenix Airport Parking

Phoenix Airport Parking: There Must Be a Better Way!

If you are flying out of Phoenix for a week-long trip, you do not expect Phoenix airport parking to be a major expenditure. Guess what? Even the “discount parking” is expensive. Even shorter trips are costly where parking is concerned. There must be a better way, and now there is! offers an alternative to overpriced airport parking. Without losing any of the security and convenience you require at the beginning and end of a trip, you can pre-reserve and pre-pay for parking online at reasonable rates. How’s that for a better idea?

Park and Fly Convenience

Parking your car near the airport is by far the best way to start your trip. Drop-off areas are crowded and confusing. Sometimes you have to circle around and around to find a spot to get out. Then there is security trying to get you to move your car before you even get your luggage out of the trunk. That's not a relaxing way to start your trip! offers either covered or uncovered Phoenix airport parking with free shuttle service to the airport and back again when you return. You reserve and pay online, and then just print out your confirmation and hand it in to the valet at the parking lot you have selected. Your space is guaranteed, and you can even print out a map so you will not get lost looking for the parking facility.

Secure Long Term Parking

Both of our Phoenix airport parking lots are secured and fenced. They are patrolled and have 24 hour shuttle service to and from the airport. Your vehicle is safe while you are away, and available when you return from your trip, no matter what time of day or night that is. You will not have to worry about your car being vandalized, broken into, or stolen while you are away. You can relax and enjoy your trip, and know that it will be waiting for you just as you left it when you return.

Our Airport Fast Park Lots Speed You On Your Way

Because you reserve online, and our lots are manned with valets, parking your car is fast and easy. Our rates at all our lots are 40 to 70 percent less expensive than airport lots. You can use your savings on your trip! Why inconvenience a friend or family member with driving you to the airport or picking you up from the airport? Given how common flight delays can be, it can get costly in time – and money, too, if they park in one of hourly lots while they wait. We let you be independent when you fly out of Phoenix by making Phoenix airport parking easy and inexpensive. So, get your discounted PHX airport parking. Phoenix is expecting you!